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What is Web Design?

Website Design is the process of creating the look and feel of a website. My design services encompass not only decisions like colors and fonts but also the user experience for visitors to your site. Examples include menus, buttons, the organization of content and the way in which any images will be displayed. Beyond the obvious goal of creating beautiful, informative websites, I prioritize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in my design approach. Some of the website design features I emphasize include:

  • Mobile First and Responsive Design
  • Content optimized for fast loading time
  • Information is easy to find
  • Accessibility for Screen Readers
  • Clear calls to action

I Am Both a Designer and Developer:
Why Does That Matter?

Web Development is all about the technical side of a website. As a web developer, I can engineer a functioning website without depending on existing templates or design programs because of my ability to write and understand code. This website is an example of just that. I can also create a website for you in WordPress: writing and/or adapting themes and plugins to the needs of my customers.

Benefits of Hiring a Developer

  • Customized website look and feel: Instead of being the same template used by thousands of other websites.
  • Secure website: Your website will be created with best practices in security from hackers.
  • Fast website: Your website will be optimized to present content as quickly as possible.
  • Mobile-friendly website: According to a 2016 article in The Guardian, smartphones and tablets have officially surpassed desktop computers for web browsing, now accounting for over 50% of traffic. A developer will make your website look great on mobile devices as well as on the traditional desktop view.
  • Peace of mind: You have a passionate and caring person committed to making sure your website runs correctly and a resource to reach out to should problems arise.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the process of impacting the visibility of a website in a search engine's unpaid results. Many people assume SEO just refers to paying for Google's AdWords. Actually while paid search results and SEO have the same goal, they are not the same thing.

Did you know that SEO is actually FREE?

How You Can Improve Your Website SEO:

  • Know and use keywords on your site that your potential clients are using in their web searches
  • Label ALL of your images with words that will be relevant to your keyword searches and/or brand name.
  • Provide regularly updated content to your website whether that is through a blog, new images etc.
  • Think carefully about your titles and subtitles on your site.
  • Watch out for hiding important text content inside of PDFs or images. While getting a PDF or JPEG with your excellent content onto Pinterest might be a reasonable tradeoff, a web crawler will not index the words inside an image even if it is embedded in your site.

I Can Help You Improve your SEO!

  • I use Google tools such as Search Console and Analytics to assess and monitor your site's performance so that when you try something, you know if it was effective!
  • I incorporate behind the scenes code like and rich snippets so that your website reads well not only for humans but also for web crawlers. I call this writing for "humans and robots."
  • Did you know that making sure your website functions well on mobile devices will automatically make it rank more highly with Google? The two tech terms we use for this are "Mobile First" and "Responsive Website Design." All of my work takes this fact into account.

There are many more ways that I can assist in improving your website search rankings but I wouldn't be too effective in my business if I shared all of my secrets here would I?

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Social Media Integration

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Between Tweets, Facebook Posts, Blog Posts, Pins and Feeds, it can be easy to busy oneself with social media without reaping any benefits to your actual business success. Success can be defined in different ways ranging from exposure and website traffic, brand confidence, to actual sales.

Some of the Services I Offer for Social Media Include:

  • Embedding a Social Media Feed into your website.
  • Setting you up with Pinterest Business and creating Rich Pins.
  • Working with you to develop a plan for managing and growing your social media presence efficiently.
  • Social Media links stylishly placed in your site.


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